March 2014 - New Design Trends

We have some big news to announce!  Gi Paoletti Design Lab is growing and with that is coming a new website this month.  This may be the last time you see this old one.  Once we roll out the new website we will make additional announcements about our company growth.  

With every new year come new trends.  Since interior design is considered to be more expensive and more permanent, trends develop slower than in the fashion industry and are often more influenced by international and political movements.  There is still a correlation between interior design trends and fashion trends.  For example, the brighter colors you see in the forefront of the fashion industry, may appear as an accent in interior design.  Here are several interior design trends that are immerging or continuing in 2014.  Let's see if you notice which ones are influenced by the fashion industry.

  1. Deep, saturated colors - This encompasses jewel tones like plums and deep dark neutrals like navy blue.  Pantone says the color of 2014 is Radiant Orchid which fits in here although I have seen mostly deep blues.
  2. Bold mixture of patterns - The new Topsy Fun House in the financial district is a good example of this.
  3. Cow hide and bold textures in fabrics - The last few years most fabrics had a cotton, leather or linen look and feel.  Now the trend is moving towards fabrics that have a texture you want to feel because it either looks really soft or mysterious; think felt or corduroy, 
  4. Light toned woods - We are seeing a lot more honey tones and caramels this year.  The darker tones, walnuts and deep ebonies are taking a back seat.
  5. Blush tones - These are not the blush tones we saw in the 1980s.  They are being mixed with deep, saturated colors providing a balanced, colorful contrast even if you are seeing blue on blue.  You will see the blush blue on the walls and the deep saturated blue on the main furniture piece.
  6. Mid Century Modern - Mad Men is finally making an impression on interior design trends.  A couple of years ago there was still some resistance but sales are up substantially on mid-century modern pieces.
  7. Gold accents - Silver has had a very long run so we are seeing gold tones making their way back in. It is mostly being mixed with green this time around.